Bibione: much more than just a simple seaside holiday, perfect for every season

Far away from any stress.


In this area, right behind Bibione, nature is king. Even where Man has intervened, the landscape has nonetheless maintained part of its authenticity and all of its charm. This landscape may seem somewhat unkempt and free, shaggy and even a little wild, but it is also well-organised and rigorous, giving your surroundings as you arrive into Bibione a touch of simple, natural beauty. Here, you’re sure to experience an incredible sense of peace and well-being.

During your stay at our seaside resort, you’ll get to know this area first hand, with its simple yet exciting surroundings. Bibione boasts 200 km of nature trails amid ‘casoni’ (traditional fishermen’s houses), ancient villages, canals, fields and fishing valleys. These trails can be explored on foot, by bicycle or even on horse-back and offer you the chance to discover Bibione’s hinterland in complete peace and quiet.

You’ll be able to admire the traces of ancient history, the rich culture housed in the small villages and countryside to the east of the Veneto region, not to mention getting stunning glimpses into the nature that surrounds this area. What’s more, you’ll have the chance to taste a range of local flavours as many of these cycle routes offer pleasant stop-offs, where you can try local wines and products as well as traditional dishes.

Surrounded by the sea, nature, history, culture and a long-standing tradition of good food and wine, a stay in Bibione offers so much more than a simple seaside holiday. Our stretch of coastline is ideal to visit all year round, offering truly one-off experiences.